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Webinar | Benefits of Prior Authorization Technology in Orthopedic Practices

More Time, More Efficiency, and More Revenue for your Orthopedic Practice – Step inside Exchange EDI’s automated prior-authorization technology, with configurable revenue cycle workflows and API/HL7 connectivity to your scheduling solution. Hear directly from Exchange EDI client and orthopedic specialist, Brian Hayes with Connecticut Orthopaedics - Sharing their success, implementation experience, and ROI. Tune in and maximize the benefits of increased patient engagement, cleaner claims, and less denials, while making sure your orthopedic organization is “NSA-ready” in handling good faith estimates.

  • Initiate authorizations efficiently and intelligently
  • Required and Full Authorization available
  • Reduce staff labor efforts
  • Eliminate lost revenue from rescheduled or missed authorizations
  • Maximize patients’ experience and payments


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