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Patient Payment Estimator Software

Our Direct Quote 2.0 Patient Estimation Software provides your office a real time estimate for patient liability based on the procedure, co-pay, co-insurance, and real time remaining deductible.

Collect More At The Time Of Service With Patient Estimation Software

Our Software Estimates Real-Time Patient Eligibility
With Exchange EDI’s patient estimation software, you can process all forms of payment. In addition, the Direct Quote Patient Estimator offers all of the payment and reporting functionality of the Payments Gateway, and adds the necessary tools for offices to accurately estimate patient financial responsibility at the point of service:

  • Cloud-based, real-time health plan eligibility verification at the point-of-care.
  • Flexible options in the Patient estimator tool where you can create a demand estimate at check in /out or bundled estimates for those multi-CPT driven visits.
  • Determines in seconds what the patient owes, rather than days.
    Shows remaining deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance.
  • Calculates patient charges against contracted rates with national and regional payers.
  • Produces a Professional easy to read estimate of the patient responsibility.
  • Ability to send emails / texts to patients regarding transactions
  • Customized Procedure templates to make it specialty specific.
  • State of the Art Rules Engine that customizes the eligibility response from the payer, a game changer!
  • Reduce your labor efforts to collect more patient balances during their office visit.
  • Eliminate the 2nd and 3rd statements (costs) going out to patients by collecting in the office.
  • Eliminate Bad Debt.
  • Cash flow crunches go away by knowing patient balances and. Collecting in the office.
  • Interfaces with your Practice Management Systems to create a true turnkey solution.
  • Collect more, chase less with our patient estimate software!

Direct Quote Payments Gateway
The Direct Quote Payments Gateway, a HIPAA compliant virtual payment terminal is designed specifically for healthcare offices. Consequently, it allows you to tie the patient account, provider, location, department and claim ID to the payment transaction. It also supports multiple locations from one portal account making it easy to view.

  • Processes major credit and debit cards (VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®).
  • All users in the office can take a patient payment at their workstation or over the phone.
  • Maintain your patient’s Card on File for one-time payments or recurring payments plans.
  • Exchange EDI communicates with your patients via emails / texts regarding balances
  • Supports direct debit from patient’s checking or savings account and converts paper checks to electronic funds transfers.
  • Generates electronic transaction reports that can auto-post back into your PMS/ HIS system.
  • Protects patient information using standard security and operational standards to protect card and account holder data and processes all transactions with HITECH / PCI Compliance.
  • Replaces your existing credit card terminal… no more expensive dedicated phone lines. Best of all, the D.Q. Payments Gateway can be up and running within minutes — without any expensive equipment, lengthy training or change to your billing or practice management system.
  • Numerous standard reports to help manage your collections by user, location, payment types and many more.
  • Custom report writing tool that analyzes your collection processes. It also has auto launch features to set reports to run at certain times of the day or week.
  • Implementation process in just a few days!


For Providers:

  • Improves cash flow and revenue cycle to address High Deductible Plans
  • Reduces statements, labor costs and bad debt
  • Estimation provides patient education on their balances
  • Facilitates payment of the growing consumer liability
  • Minimizes calls from patients and to payors, questioning payment outcomes, benefits and eligibility
  • Creates a more efficient, stress-free environment and staff
    Improves patient satisfaction

For Patients:

  • Reduces confusion about balance owed
  • Allow patients to know out-of-pocket costs at time of service when payment options can be discussed
  • Increases level of satisfaction with provider
  • Provides payment flexibility
  • Price transparency


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