Provider Payment Consulting

Exchange EDI Consulting Advisors

Experience, Knowledge, Innovation, and a Proven Track Record

These are the characteristics you should look for in a trusted business advisor.  As much as some consultants would like to make you think otherwise, medical practices have the same challenges as any other business.

Cash Flow Is King in every business and for medical practices it is a growing crisis.

Due to higher deductibles, decreasing insurance coverage and increased self-insured patients, out-of-pocket patient responsibility for medical expenses has more than doubled in recent years.  Healthcare providers are now faced with longer accounts receivable cycles, higher patient responsibility balances, and increasing bad debt write-offs.  On top of this, the billing and collection process is made artificially complex by payers.  Providers constantly have to react to changing payer adjudication rules and contract requirements.

There has been no time in the history of healthcare when “out of the box” thinking, new solutions and creativity have been more critical.  It is time to truncate the revenue cycle,  instead of reacting to payers changing rules and continuing to focus on the back end of the revenue cycle it is time to rethink the process starting before the point of care.

The concept of “one size fits all” does not apply in healthcare.  Each practice is unique in character, structure, market and operations.  “Best Practices” must be customized for each.

When the strategic success of your business is on the line and you need innovative collaboration to help you cope with the changing market and there simply is no substitute for experience.  Our advisors have vast experience in practice management, payer systems and operations, system solutions and design plus a reputation of “out of the box” thinking.

Let Exchange EDI Advisors help you craft a Cash Flow solution for your medical practice business.