Exchange EDI annouces Direct Quote Automation



Tallahassee, Florida, November 15, 2012; Exchange EDI. LLC, an innovation leader in healthcare cash flow management technology and services announced today the latest release of “Direct Quote” an exclusive enhanced version that further automates the process of patient responsibility determination.


Direct Quote is built on the most widely used patient “out-of-pocket” determination system supporting more than 15,000 providers with patient satisfying cost transparency resulting in reductions of patient DOS by more than 50%.


This new release of Direct Quote (DQ) greatly simplifies the process of producing a patient “out-of-pocket” cost determination.  It increases accuracy and produces faster results.  DQA has reduced the process of producing a detailed patient report and providing cost information at the individual CPT code level, down to only five fields of information.


Patti Velasco, Managing Partner of Exchange EDI stated: “DQ” streamlines the “out-of-pocket” cost determination process by customizing procedure “Protocol Templates” for each type of encounter for each practice and/or provider.  These Protocol Templates can he used to produce patient cost determinations two or three days before the appointment or at checkout.  If needed, a patient cost determination can be re-calculated to either add or remove CPT codes as necessary.”


Ms. Velasco added: “We saw a need to help our clients reduce some of the training burden caused by staff turnover.  This is what drove us to further simplify the human interaction for Direct Quote processing while increasing accuracy and speed.”


About Exchange EDI, LLC:

Founded in 2009, Exchange EDI is focused on developing intelligent technology solutions that integrate health and financial transactions into a single process, delivering real-time information at the point-of-care to accelerate the patient cash flow management process while reducing costs and securing accurate payment from payers.




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