The payment settlement engine of Direct Quote 2.0 is e-Cashiering that is designed specifically for the healthcare provider market. It initiates payment transactions and ties them back to the patient, provider, location and claim ID for easy reconciliation.

Benefits of e-Cashiering

  • Dashboard, summary and detail transaction reports
  • PCI Compliant
  • Web based total browser system
  • Processes all major credit and debit cards
  • Converts patient checks into electronic deposits
  • Schedules electronic payments from patient’s checking or savings account
  • Automate tracking of cash payments and cash drawer reconciliation
  • Patient account posting reports
  • Export of patient account posting files
  • Supports ”Card on File” transactions for deferred settlement

Scheduling Payments
If the patient cannot pay the total amount due at the point of service, Direct Quote allows you to set up a payment plan that is satisfactory for both the patient and the office. This feature saves time and virtually elements costs.

Card on File
Storing credit card and bank account information is an effective tool for collecting on time payments, recurring and future payments against post insurance balances. Direct Quote produces an authorization form for obtaining approval from the patient to leave credit card or bank account information on file for an agreed up time frame. Card on File is fast and hassle free!