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This is what you look for in a business partner. When the strategic success of your business is on the line and you need innovative collaboration to help you cope with changing competitive market environments there simply is no substitute for experience.

BP Fulmer
Managing Partner

Mr. Fulmer brings a unique prospective to the transaction services market based on his thirty-three year of combined experience in banking and health care and a track record of innovation in both fields. Mr. Fulmer’s health care transaction management experience includes serving as President and CEO of Thelma-US, Inc., the US subsidiary of a publicly traded Australian clearinghouse company. He served as Executive Director of ACS EDI Gateway, Inc. with responsibility for developing the commercial services unit. ACS EDI Gateway processed over 750 million EDI transactions a year and connected to 61,000 submitters representing over 250,000 providers.

He has been the Executive Director of Medicaid Fiscal Agent operations for ACS, Inc. and First Health Services in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and New Mexico. He has also served as President of a medical billing company and an Internet based practice management software development firm. This experience gives Mr. Fulmer a unique perspective from both the payer and provider sides of health care and complexities of the health care transaction. He is actively involved with health care industry professional organizations and has served as the Chairman of the Medical Banking Institute, member of Cooperative Exchange, Chairman of the HIE Market Council and was named the Medical Banking Project Person of the Year in 2007. Mr. Fulmer’s financial services experience includes serving as a bank examiner, check transit operations, correspondent banking, investment management, commercial banking, electronic funds transfer plus the cash and treasury management services operations at two regional banks. He was named the Cash Management Institute Man of the Year in 1983.

Patti Velasco
Managing Partner

Ms. Velasco has over 22 years of experience in the health care industry in both the private and government sectors. She has over 18 years in electronic data interchange (EDI) providing a unique combination of claims processing and EDI experience. Ms Velasco’s health care experience includes Executive Vice President of Health Care Transactions for Thelma, US, Inc. She has been the Executive Director of ACS EDI Gateway, Inc. Commercial Division. ACS EDI Gateway processed over 750 million EDI transactions a year and connected to over 61,000 submitters representing over 250,000 providers. Prior to this, she served as Director of Sales and Operations for ACS EDI Gateway Commercial division. She was responsible for the implementation of HIPAA for both divisions of ACS EDI Gateway, Inc which included all Medicaid fiscal agent and Commercial clients. She was instrumental in the development of the ACS EDI Gateway clearinghouse in 1994 which evolved into processing over 750 million transactions a year. Her knowledge of claims processing and adjudication experience comes from her years of working with the Florida Medicaid project and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of GA. This experience provides a unique perspective for both payers and aggregators of health care services. Ms. Velasco is active in numerous health care professional organizations that promote a variety of health care and EDI initiatives and idea exchanges.

Gray Mason
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Gray Mason is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he is responsible for driving growth through strategic partners and Channel development.

Gray joined Exchange EDI in 2014 after serving as Vice President of TransEngen, one of the largest Healthcare Payments solutions in the industry, and prior to that was Vice President of Sales at Misys/ Allscripts Healthcare. With 25+ years experience in Healthcare and Payments, he brings a significant background in business and channel development, and sales growth to Exchange EDI.

While at TransEngen, Gray led the sales organization in both direct and channel sales strategy development and managed strategic key partnerships including several Practice Management vendors and Payment Processors.

He has also served in several leadership roles at Misys/Allscripts, a 200,000 plus provider PM/EMR company, contributing to record sales growth at the organization.

Gray brings a very unique combination of Healthcare and Payments knowledge with connections to over 300,000 + providers in the industry.